Air New Zealand Name Change Policy

Air New Zealand Name Change Policy

In the Air New Zealand Name change policy, Sometimes customers become known to create issues with their names and other identification when booking flight tickets. They may fill the passenger details section with incorrect first or last names. Sometimes, customers fulfil an error period when choosing their gender, date of birth, or more. So, Air New Zealand's name change policy comes to the help that helps passengers alter/correct their names and other details.

There is nothing to be concerned about when you have a spelling error in the name or your character requires a change due to legal considerations. Here is a brief of all the rules and guidelines Affiliated with Name Change on Air New Zealand, how to make those changes, the fees affiliated with similar, and more.

Regulation and Guidelines Connected with Name Change on Air New Zealand

The Air New Zealand name change policy makes it possible to change the name for free throughout the first 24 hours of booking after the buy is produced. Some guidelines carry -

Once The Booking is Produced

Later, when you buy the flight tickets, you recognize that there is a spelling mistake in the name or cover to add the second last name.

  • Suppose you must correct a name 24 hours after the purchase (such as spelling mistakes, different surnames, adding, forgetting or replacing the second last name, gender identity, hours change, etc.). 
  • In that case, you can do so by paying a name editing fee.

Change Customer Name on Air New Zealand

The airline allows the customer to change their family name or add their young woman's first and last name through the following purposes:

  • Name change is only allowed in cases of legal deliberation, like divorce or marriage.
  • During the name change, the airline should protect the same cost class as announced. If that cannot be done, the flight booking should be renewed in the higher type of service, subject to accessibility. In that case, a fare difference may apply.

Correct Spelling Mistake in Name

Spelling mistakes in name can be corrected for free under the following situation:

  • According to the Air New Zealand name alteration policy, only three characters can be changed in the first, Middle, or last names for free. Later than that, an Air New Zealand ticket name change fee should be conscripted.

Domestic and International Travel

The Air New Zealand name change guideline separates domestic and multinational travel:

  • For wandering within Australia and New Zealand, Name alter is acceptable up to 3 hours before scheduled departure.
  • Air New Zealand ticket name change is good up to 24 hours before departing on all multinational bookings.

Assorted Condition

Name change is allowed on the Air New Zealand control flight and must be an inactive flight fragment. In addition:

  • During name alteration or replacement, no changes should be allowed to travel dates, class of service, and places of source or destination.
  • As explained by Air New Zealand's name change policy, the service allows one reconstituted per booking.

Air New Zealand Name Change Process

Modification or correction of the Name can be done online along with the Air New Zealand Manage Booking section. In addition, customers can also call the airline's customer service to complete the request.

Way 1 – Name Correction/Change by Airline's Website

The airline website offers a useful option to modify or correct names on Air New Zealand bookings. You can replace the name numerically or expressively with only a few clicks. You can make changes online by visiting the website's Control Booking section. You'll see that it is efficient as a result. Please do so while noticing the correct name.

  • Firstly, visit the official website.
  • After visiting, enter the ticket number and the customer's last name in the field under the "Operate Booking" section.
  • Choose the Air New Zealand ticket name change request. Then click the "Change" option to make your journey.
  • Continue to correct/change the spelling mistake name on the ticket.
  • Then go to the next And select "Save."
  • Then, the email address you have available when generating the requirement will get a confirmation of the name change.

Way 2 – Name Correction/Change by Customer Service

Dialling the toll-free Air New Zealand customer support number will allow the passenger to modify/correct the name. It is also a great approach to instantly fix any errors you made when making your ticket provision.

You can contact the requirement desk of Air New Zealand by dialling the available number 1-888-649-0391 or 1-800-262-1234. You would explain your problem and the distinctness of the ticket to the airline representative. They will manage your query.

The guidelines that apply to this way are as follows:

  • While talking with airline control, keep your six-digit reference number or e-ticket number available.
  • Customers can ask for a name change or correction on the call.
  • The airline's delegates may ask customers to submit a copy of their official travel credentials as recognition.
  • Pay any mandatory name change fee for Air New Zealand, if any.
  • That pass will be confirmed via email to the directions provided by booking.

Name Change Fee for Air New Zealand

When beginning the name-change activity, you would observe the conditions mentioned and are subject to an Air New Zealand name-change fee. You must have the essential knowledge of the cost to modify or correct the customer's name.

Under careful circumstances, Air New Zealand costs up to 250 USD for name modification.

Air New Zealand name modification of up to 3 characters is allowable for chargeless. 

The fee will correspond regardless of the charge and the class of privilege booked. 

Additionally to the change fine, a price difference may apply.

Summarised as follows of the Air New Zealand change customer name fee for all travel within New Zealand and abroad:


Travel within New Zealand and Australia

Travel to and from the United States

Other international routes

Name correction up to 3 characters (in USD)




Name correction beyond three characters (in USD)




Name change to marriage and divorce (in USD)




Note: While a name change is not acceptable due to the bounded cost rule, the airline recognized the cancellation of the flight. A termination cost of Air New Zealand should be applied.


Air New Zealand Airlines usually understands When it comes to altering an ethical name or fixing spelling mistakes on tickets. But you'll be required to address the problem as rapidly as possible.

This name-changing process is simple, and the airline charges no money for a name alteration. A small cost can be applied for those who need to modify their name due to legal obsession. These fees can differ with domestic and multinational travel.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Ans. Yes, Air New Zealand allows you to Change the Name if the name is incorrect on your ticket.

Ans. They charge up to 250 USD for name changes under specific circumstances.

Ans. In name correction, up to 3 characters are permitted for free. If the name character is more than three, they charge for the name-changing charge under specific circumstances.

Ans. You can call our kind team at 1-888-649-0391 or 1-800-262-1234, or for other information on how to ensure your trip is comfortable and trouble-free, find out about our unique assistance options.

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