Reservation Booking Agent Privacy Policy

This privacy policy describes how Reservationbookingagent or its subsidiaries collect, utilize and share your personal information. This privacy policy is applicable to both visitors and users of Reservationbookingagent's websites, social media accounts, applications, and other related services. The whole-sole purpose of this privacy policy is to explain how we utilize all kinds of personal information and data that a traveler or user share with us when using our website.

Being a world's leading travel search engine, Reservationbookingagent connects the travelers with travel related services proffered by third parties such as flights, packages, accommodations, and others. It will include sharing the personal information with third parties including airlines, online travel agencies, hotels, and other travel partners.

We always request our users to read this mentioned privacy policy carefully before taking our services or using our website. Using our website means you are agreeing to our terms described in the privacy policy.

How we collect your Information?

We directly collect information from you when you visit our website and make a booking or reservation. In some cases, we also gain your personal information from third party sources such as applications, websites, group companies, and others. We collect below information from our users:

  • Personal details:Your name, age, gender, birthday.
  • Contact details: phone number, email address, address.
  • Booking details: Travelers name, passport number, postal code, booking reference number.
  • Billing information: Credit card, debit card, billing address, and others.

How we use your information?

We use your personal information to give our services, make your experience better and show your entire booking details made with our travel partners via Reservationbookingagent. We also use your personal information to send you the marketing emails, offers, and advertising our services that could be near your interest.

  • We provide the relevant advertising, personalized offers as per your interests.
  • Use this information to protect against any kind of fraud, unauthorized access or illegal activity.
  • Send you the promotional offers according to your requirement that you search on our website.

How we share your personal information?

We always respect your privacy and always ensure that your information is safe with us. We share your required information with our travel partners, social networking services, third-party services that you use to login to your Reservationbookingagent account. The main purpose of sharing your information is to improve the services that we provide to our users. It also helps us to know about the user’s interests.

International transfer of your information

As we operate internationally, so the entire information you shared to us may be transferred or accessed by the entities which are located in varied countries across the world. We always transfer your information as per the applicable law of that particular country that helps to protect it.

How we protect your personal information?

We store your personal information using the technical or electronic mode and we also use the best third-party software to store your personal information. We always ensure that your information will be safe with us. We may also retain your personal details as long as your user’s account is active and we also allow reactivating your account as per the prescribed rules and restrictions.

Use of cookies

We use cookies and its similar services to know our user’s interests and help us to improve the services that we provide to users. This thing helps us to personalize the user experience in the entire required manner and get better satisfaction to our users.

Links to other websites

Services that we provide to our users contain links to other websites that are not owned or operated by Reservationbookingagent whether it’s linked to our traveler partners or group companies.

Changes to this privacy policy reserves the rights to make any sort of required changes in this privacy policy. We regularly update our privacy policy and we always request our users to check the privacy policy section on this website to know about any kind of update. We will not liable for any convenience that you will get after the changes in the privacy policy.

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