Airlines Unaccompanied Minor Policy

Airlines Unaccompanied Minor Policy

Unaccompanied minors and children are separated from their parents and relatives and not cared for by a responsible adult. In the aviation industry, Unaccompanied minors travel alone on an airline without the supervision of a parent or guardian. People may travel for different reasons, like visiting family or going to summer camps. Airlines have specific policies to ensure the safety and comfort of these unaccompanied minors during their journey. Before the flight, parents or guardians must fill out the necessary paperwork and pay any required fees. The airline staff takes responsibility for the child during the flight and ensures their well-being. They are usually seated in a designated area close to the flight attendants and are given special attention throughout the journey. Upon arrival, the child is released to an authorised person who can provide proper identification. However, some airlines charge unaccompanied minors to travel on their flights.

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Should I Let My Kid Go Unaccompanied?

Your child may technically be mature enough to travel alone, but there are a few factors to consider before deciding if they are prepared to fly alone. Flights can be unpredictable, with delays, diversions, and cancellations, making travel especially difficult for some children.

Before allowing your child to board an aeroplane without a trusted adult, ensuring they are emotionally prepared to do so is of the utmost importance. Is your child vulnerable to stress? Are they still quite possessive? Do they necessitate consistency? These may indicate that you should delay sending them off alone for a while.

Alaska Airlines Unaccompanied Minor Policy And Fees

Alaska Airlines requires children ages 5 to 12 who travel without a parent, legal guardian, or other adult at least 18 to travel as unaccompanied juveniles (also known as "Junior Jetsetters"). The unaccompanied minor service fee for Alaska Airlines is $50 for continuous (and direct) flights and $75 each way for connecting flights.

Children with the MVP, MVP Gold, or Gold 75K Mileage Plan status are exempt from paying the unaccompanied minor service charge.

Allegiant Does Not Accept Unaccompanied Minors Under The Age Of 15

Minors cannot travel alone on Allegiant Air. Allegiant does not offer unaccompanied minor services. No special supervision was provided. The airline restricts travel for fare-paying or unaccompanied minors and children under 15. Allegiant Airlines allows minors (14 and under) to travel with adults (15 or older). No extra fees for 15-17 year olds' reservations on Allegiant does not have additional responsibilities for minors aged 15-17 beyond those for adult passengers. Airlines won't transport children under 18 alone during severe weather. Minors under 18 travelling alone must show proof of age to Allegiant Air. No warranty, no boarding.

American Airlines Unaccompanied Minor Policy And Fees

American Airlines requires children aged 5-14 to be accompanied through the airport for an extra fee. Limitations and restrictions are based on your child's age and travel location. Read on for more details. The fee for unaccompanied minors is $150 plus tax each way. Round trip: $300 service fees + tax + airline ticket amount. The $150 service fee is only charged once for multiple unaccompanied minors from the same family. If you have three children on a one-way flight, you would pay $150 (plus tax).

Delta Air Lines Unaccompanied Minor Policy And Fees

Delta Airlines charges an extra fee for children aged 5-14 who need to be accompanied at the airport. An adult must accompany children under four. Rules and restrictions vary based on your child's age and travel location. Read on for more details.

Delta's unaccompanied minor service fee is $150 (plus tax) each way. Fee in USD, CAD, or EURO when leaving Canada or Europe. Delta's unaccompanied minor service fee is $150 (plus tax) each way. Fee in USD, CAD, or EURO when leaving Canada or Europe.

Hawaiian Airlines Unaccompanied Minor Policy And Fees

A minor under 11 who is not travelling with a visitor over 15 and in the same class of service as the child is termed an "Unaccompanied Minor" and must follow the requirements below. If a minor under 11 travels with a guest over 15 in the same service class, they are not required to travel as an unaccompanied minor. Children 12 and older can travel alone. Unaccompanied minors under five cannot travel. An unaccompanied youngster travelling within Hawaii pays $35 for each segment. This price is extra for the aircraft ticket. Unaccompanied minors travelling between the continental US and Hawaii pay $100 each way. This price is in addition to the aircraft ticket. If you go from the continental US and need to connect in Hawaii, you will pay $100 plus $35 per segment.

JetBlue Unaccompanied Minor Policy And Fees

Unaccompanied minors (UMs) on JetBlue must be five to thirteen years old.

This age limit is the same as Delta but different from Southwest. Below are all the specifics you need. Domestic and international JetBlue unaccompanied minor service fees are $150 each way. allows online booking and payment. $150 is comparable to legacy airlines.

Southwest Airlines Unaccompanied Minor Policy And Fees

Southwest Airlines requires children ages 5-11 to travel as unaccompanied minors if not with someone 12 or older. Children aged 12 or older cannot travel alone. They must travel independently, but a policy exists for young travelers aged 12 through 17. Southwest Airlines charges $50 each way for unaccompanied minors in addition to child airfare. Airfare is $120. The total cost for an unaccompanied minor roundtrip is $220. The fee is lower than the legacy carriers charge. Delta and American charge $150 each way. Save money by choosing Southwest for a roundtrip ticket.

Spirit Airlines Unaccompanied Minor Policy And Fees

Spirit Airlines classifies unaccompanied minors (UMs) as children ages 5 to 14 traveling without a passenger aged 15 or older. This age restriction is comparable to other airlines, such as Delta, but not Southwest. Spirit Airlines charges a service fee of $150 each way for unaccompanied minors. $150 is less affordable than Southwest's $50 but comparable to the legacy carriers' $150 fare.

United Airlines Unaccompanied Minor Policy And Fees

United requires children aged 5-14 traveling alone to use their unaccompanied little service. United's unaccompanied little service ensures constant supervision by ground staff and flight attendants. The service starts at check-in and ends when an adult picks up the minor.

United's fee for unaccompanied minors is charged per child pair, not per child. United unaccompanied minor fees for domestic and international flights:

  • 1-2 children travelling: $150 each way
  • 3-4 children travelling: $300 each way.
  • 5-6 children travelling: $450 each way


All airlines have their unique Unaccompanied minor policies and fees. You should contact airline customer service about their unaccompanied minor flight policy and fees. They will let you know some other things related to their unique policy and fees for travel. Have a safe journey. Thank you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ans. Alaska charges $25 each way for continuous or direct flights and $50 for connecting flights for unaccompanied minors. Southwest charges $50 roundtrip, Frontier, JetBlue, and Spirit each charge $100, and American, Delta, United, and US Airways each cost $150.

Ans. In addition to the ticket price, the unaccompanied minor fee is $150* each way plus applicable taxes. This surcharge applies to additional siblings traveling on the same flight. Domestic flights within the United States are subject to a 7% tax, while flights from Canada incur a 5% Goods and Services Tax (GST).

Ans. On the day of departure, you must fill out a form for unaccompanied minors and any necessary Customs and Immigration documents. This form must travel with your child at all times. At check-in, parents or custodians must also present The child's birth certificate or passport as confirmation of age.

Ans. Check the airline's policy on unaccompanied minors before booking. Restrictions and requirements vary. Ensure the child has all required travel documents, like a valid passport or ID card. When booking a flight, choose airlines with special services for unaccompanied minors, like dedicated staff for assistance. When booking, include accurate information about the minor's age and any special needs. Book a direct flight to reduce the risk of delays or missed connections.

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