Alaska Airlines Low Fare Calendar

Alaska Airlines Low Fare Calendar

Is flying too expensive for you? It's time to step up your air travel routine if air travel is costing you a lot. Get the best flight deals with Alaska Airlines' low-fare calendar and travel on a budget.

The Alaska Airlines Low Fare Calendar is useful for travelers looking for affordable flights. This calendar displays the lowest fares offered by Alaska Airlines for a given month or various months. When you book with Alaska Airlines, you can use the "Flexible Dates" console to find out what's on sale. Let's find out more about these low-fare calendars!

What Is Alaska Airlines Low Fare Calendar?

Alaska's low-fare calendars let passengers find the cheapest and most affordable flight options for specific dates and times. The calendar allows users to quickly browse through flight options and compare different fares. All the necessary information is displayed in one place, making it easy to navigate and make informed decisions. People who want a great flight experience without breaking the bank will love this low-fare calendar!

Alaska Airlines Flexible Date Search Option

  • The Alaska Airlines Flexible Date Search option has the lowest fares.
  • These fares are date-specific.
  • Choose this option if you don't have a schedule.
  • You can see the whole month's fares for your destination here.
  • Check out the lowest one-way and return fares
  • Use the summary table to find the total fares.
  • Stick to a specific class when searching.

Please Note: Flexible dates search isn't available for Alaska Air low-fare calendar flights to Mexico. Partner flights don't have the same option. In both cases, the search console will display flight schedules in the usual format.

For Example:

  • Suppose you want to book a low fare with Alaska Airlines! Here's what you'll see:
  • Under the flight types and travelers section, Flexible dates are available.
  • Add any other travel details to the box on its front.
  • Here's how the low-fare calendar looks.

Discover how to book flights using the low-fare calendar to find specific dates.

What Are The Different Types Of Low Fare Offered By Alaska Airlines?

There are currently some Alaska Airlines low-fare calendar deals going on. You can create an itinerary using the destinations in the list or find the deal that relates to your destination.

Below, we've compiled a list based on Alaska Airlines' website. That's it. Check out Alaska Airlines' official website next time you want a better deal. You can choose your favorite option if you're buying by April 6, 2024.

  1. From Boise (BOI) to Idaho Falls (IDA),
    1. Saver fare starts at $69
    2. $89 for the main cabin
  2. From Seattle (SEA) to Juneau (JNU).
    1. SAVER fare starts at $109
    2. The MAIN cabin costs $139
  3. From San Francisco (SFO) to Redmond (RDM).
    1. SAVER fare starts at $79
    2. The main cabin costs $109
  4. From Seattle (SEA) to Sacramento (SMF).
    1. SAVER fare $79
    2. MAIN $109
  5. From Boise (BOI) to San Diego (SAN).
    1. SAVER fare $69
    2. MAIN $99
  6. From Portland (PDX) to San Francisco (SFO).
    1. SAVER fare $79
    2. The MAIN cabin fare is $109
  7. From Kona (KOA) to San Jose (SJC).
    1. SAVER fares $119
    2. MAIN $159
  8. From Everett / Paine Field (PAE) to Spokane (GEG).
    1. SAVER fares are $69
    2. MAIN $89
  9. From Los Angeles (LAX) to Spokane (GEG)

Alaska Airlines' two major types of fares are Saver Fares and Main Cabin. As their names suggest, one will help you save more, and the other will let you experience it better. Take advantage of these Alaska Airlines Low Fare Calendar deals before April 6, 2024.

How To Book Flight Tickets Using The Alaska Airlines Low-Fare Calendar Tool?

Check Alaska Airlines low flight calendar if you're flexible with your travel schedule to find the best deals. Say you want the cheapest tickets. If that's the case, you can't just stick to your travel dates. Low-fare calendars offer cheap tickets. Here's how to find Alaska Airlines budget options:

Method 1: By Using The Calling Method:

You can call Alaska Airlines customer service by dialing 1-800-ALASKAAIR (1-800-445-4435) or 1-888-649-0391 (OTA), and an assistant will guide you ahead. After you get connected with their customer service agent, follow the IVR rules. Press any digit according to your preference. And know about the Alaska Airlines low fare calendar. You will receive every small detail about this low-fare calendar. 

Method 2: By Using The Live Chat Method:

You can use the live chat option available on the official website of Alaska Airlines. There, you will find the chat logo. Press it and Type your query about the Alaska Airlines low-fare calendar there. You will get replies in no time. 

Method 3: By Using The Official Website Method:

Check out Alaska Airlines' official website. Click the Plan/Book link. Then you'll see Book a Flight. Make sure you check the box beside the Flexible Dates Alaska low fare calendar. Make sure the page has all the details. Let's start with your travel type. Enter the number of passengers, including adults and kids. Pick a date and time that works for you. Click "Find Flights".

Under the low-fare calendar, you'll see different dates. Choose the date that works for your budget. Let's move on to the next page. Choose a time that works for you based on your travel dates. The total fare will be displayed along with the cabin class. Checkout after you add it to your cart. Pay for your flight tickets on the payments page. The Alaska Airlines flight booking can be confirmed under the low-fare calendar.

Method 4: By Using The Social Media Method:

You can also visit Alaska Airlines social media profiles. They are active on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Here they post regularly about their upcoming deals and low fare calendar. You will be updated. 

Method 5: By Using The Email Method:

You can also mail your query about the low fare calendar to their official email address. 

What Are The Main Rules Of Booking Flights With A Low Fare Calendar?

  • Under the Saver Fare deals by Alaska Airlines low fare calendar, passengers can't just cancel their tickets.
  • After 24 hours, Saver fare tickets can't be changed.
  • Plus, Main Cabin Fares are easy to cancel. You can also cancel after 24 hours.
  • Saver fares only let passengers select seats when there are enough seats available. Otherwise, priority passengers get them.

Pro Tip: If you want to change flights with Alaska Airlines, you can do it free within 24 hours. When you change your flight, the airline will charge you a penalty.

What Are The Benefits Of Booking Flight Tickets Through A Low Fare Calendar?

If you book your airfare by using the Alaska Airlines low-fare calendar, you will get multiple benefits. Some of them are mentioned below: 

  • Discover all the best and cheapest flights for the month.
  • Last-minute reservations might benefit from it.
  • You can apply for offers and discounts on different flights.
  • Fare charts are well-defined and informative.
  • Plus, you get priority boarding and extra baggage with this calendar.
  • It's great for last-minute reservations.
  • It's easy to travel to your ideal location with this calendar, and thousands of travelers use it to save tons of money.
  • There are a lot of specials and discounts on this calendar.


Alaska Airlines Low Fare Calendar is a great tool for saving money on flights. You can find the lowest fares and compare flight options across different dates. Passengers can save time and money by using this calendar.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Ans. Flying on the cheapest day of the week can save you a lot of money. Depending on factors like destination, season, and airline, different days can have different airline fares. But mostly, if you book your airfare at midnight on Tuesday or Friday, you will get the lowest airfare.

Ans. On domestic and international economy class flights, you can save about 5% on Sundays. This can let you book your ticket at the lowest prices, including some of the best discounts and deals.

Ans. Tuesdays don't have lower flight prices. However, some say flight prices start to drop on Monday evenings and continue through Tuesday. On Tuesday mornings, airlines release weekly airfare sales, and by mid-afternoon, competing airlines have caught up and matched them.

Ans. On Alaska Airlines, Tuesdays and Wednesdays are the cheapest days to book, usually between 2 and 4 PM. Some days of the week, like Tuesday, Wednesday, or Saturday, are cheaper than others.

Ans. Anchorage International has the cheapest flights in May, Fairbanks International has the cheapest flights in September, and Juneau has the cheapest flights in June.

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