Breeze Airways Name Change Policy

Breeze Airways Name Change Policy

Breeze Airways, previously named Moxy, is an affordable American airline that David Neeleman, the founder of JetBlue Airways, established. Traveling by plane can be incredibly convenient, especially for longer distances. However, preparing your travel essentials before heading to the airport is crucial, including your belongings and travel documents. One crucial aspect to consider is ensuring that the personal information you provide to the airline is accurate, as even a minor spelling error in your name can lead to unnecessary hassles and potential denial of boarding by TSA or the airline.

Breeze Airways allows you to change your name. Breeze Airways has a straightforward process for correcting the name on your ticket. You can quickly request a name correction through their website or by contacting their customer service. We have compiled some useful tips and information about their policies to help you correct the name on your Breeze Airways ticket. Read more to know about Breeze Airways' name change policy.

  • Flights can be changed free of charge within 24 hours of purchase. Breeze Airways flight tickets must be purchased seven days before departure.
  • A flight change after 24 hours will incur fees or costs based on the ticket type.
  • Medical emergencies such as death may prevent you from boarding the flight on the planned dates.
  • Changing your flight sometimes results in a higher price. The difference must be paid, and the changes must be completed.
  • If the fare difference is low, Breeze Airways will initiate the refund as a travel credit. The travel credit can be used for future reservations.
  • Changing your flight up to one hour before departure is possible.
  • Changing your flight tickets with Breeze Airways requires contacting your online travel agency.

To get more information related to Breeze Airways name change policy, call at 1-888-649-0391. Breeze Airways will provide you with an agent who will guide you further in changing your name.

About Breeze Airways

Breeze Airways is a new US low-cost airline founded in 2018 by David Neeleman, also the founder of JetBlue Airways. The airline aims to provide affordable and convenient travel options to underserved markets in the United States. Breeze Airways plans to offer nonstop flights between smaller secondary airports, which are often overlooked by major airlines. They prioritize routes with little to no competition, allowing them to offer competitive fares.

Breeze Airways plans to operate a fleet of brand-new Airbus A220 aircraft known for their fuel efficiency and passenger comfort. The airline prides itself on providing a high-quality experience for its passengers, with features like spacious seating and inflight entertainment. Breeze Airways also plans to offer a unique subscription model called "BreezePoints," which offers frequent travelers unlimited flights for a monthly fee.

What is the Breeze Airways Change Policy?

If you mistakenly make a mistake, Breeze airways allows passengers to change their names on Breeze Airways tickets. Breeze Airways has made a name change policy so passengers can use it to change terms. Look below at the Breeze Airways name change policy:

  • Breeze Airways requires passengers who purchase tickets through an airline consolidator or travel agency to contact a representative to change their name on the ticket.
  • Most errors on Breeze Airways tickets are fixed over the phone. No need to go to the airport office.
  • Update or change your name if it differs from your passport and reservation.
  • To change your name on the ticket, you need the required documents. If your name changes after marriage, show the marriage certificate.
  • Flight name change requests should be simple. The support team can quickly change the ticket name.
  • Boarding: The name on the card and ID must match. Passengers with legally changed names must show official documentation before boarding.

Things to Know About Breeze Airways Name Change

  • You can update your flight reservation name with Breeze Airways to match your passport.
  • Spelling mistakes on Breeze Airways tickets are fixed during phone calls. No need to visit the airport office.
  • Bring the required documents to change the name on the ticket. Present the marriage certificate if the name changes after marriage.
  • To change your name on a Breeze Airways ticket, contact the representative if you bought it through a travel agency or airline consolidator.
  • Tickets from websites or airports can change names easily. Support staff can quickly change the name on the ticket.
  • Name changes require proof of identity before boarding.
  • The boarding card and identity document names must match for boarding.

Breeze Airways Name Change on Ticket

Contact the airline or use their online method to change your name on a Breeze Airways ticket. Change your name on your airline ticket using these methods, but follow the name change rules to change your name.

  • Visit Breeze Airline website: To change your name online, follow these steps. Modify your ticket name easily by following procedures. Online is the best way to change your name. Follow the steps below to change your name on Breeze Airways ticket.
  • Go to Breeze airline's website using a browser on your phone or laptop.
  • Enter the PNR number and passenger's last name in the manage booking.
  • Flight info on the new page. Confirm details like time, date, departure, and destination cities. Select "change name" from the menu.
  • Please re-enter the name change information. Upload documents and check fees.
  • Follow screen instructions to submit requests.
  • Enter the verification code sent to your registered number to confirm the changes.
  • You'll get a letter about the new changes when you click next.

Contact Breeze Airline through customer care: Call Customer Support at 1-888-649-0391 to change your name offline (Toll-Free). Request name change with the airline. Airlines require official documents to change terms. Please provide your name, passport number, and PNR. The airline will change your name and issue a new ticket after you provide all the details. You will receive a confirmation on your email.

Breeze Airways Name Change Fee

Breeze Airways is aware of frequent spelling errors when buying flights. Breeze Airways website: No fee for name correction. Spelling error allows name change. Passengers cannot change their name to buy a ticket in someone else's name. Make corrections on the Breeze Airways website or call customer service at 1-888-649-0391. Travel agency customers can contact us for reservation adjustments.

Breeze Airways Name Change Tips

Breeze Airways' name change is easy if you know how to do so. Breeze Airways always gives the best tips to their passenger to change their name. Read below about Breeze Airways name change Tips:

  • You can change your Breeze flight for free within 24 hours of reservation.
  • You don't have to pay Breeze's flight change fees.
  • Pay Breeze's flight change fees after 24 hours.
  • Change your flight as soon as possible to avoid increasing costs.
  • Change your Breeze flight online or with customer service.
  • Cannot change flight within 3 hours of departure.


Breeze Airways has a unique Breeze Airways name-change policy so passengers can easily change their flight tickets. If you have read this article carefully, we are sure you know about Breeze Airways, its tips, fees, and many other things related to Breeze Airways' name change policy. Stay safe!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Ans. Yes, you can change your flight on the Breeze Airways flight ticket. Contact Breeze Airways customer service at 1-888-649-0391 or Visit their social media account to change the name on your Breeze Airways flight ticket. You can also use their Live chat option on their official website.

Ans. Breeze Airways gives 24 hours to their passengers to change a mistake in their name free of charge, either a single mistake or an entire word. That's why Breeze Airways warns their passengers before booking their tickets to review it.

Ans. Breeze Airways has no change fees if you change it within 24 hours of reservation. If you cross this time limit, you must pay some cost to change your name.

Ans. Breeze fares are nonrefundable. You can get a full refund if you cancel your ticket within 24 hours of booking, as long as your flight departs at least seven days later and you have not made any changes to your reservation.

Ans. Breeze flights are changeable up to 15 minutes before departure. No flight change fee, but you have to pay the difference in fares for the new ticket.

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