Delta Passenger Name Correction Policy

Delta Passenger Name Correction Policy

The latest Delta Name Correction Policy says travelers can change their approved booking. The changes will be small, and the airline's rules say there will be a fee. Delta Airlines can help tourists fix their names and ensure that the name on the booking matches the name on a valid photo ID or passport. The Department of Transportation requires this.

Please remember that according to the Data Airlines Name Change Policy, a person can never give their ticket to someone else. If you want to change the name on your Delta flight ticket, here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Delta Airlines must run the flight, and the ticket stock must begin with 006.
  • Delta Airlines can only change the name on the ticket for trip segments that are part of a codeshare or interline agreement.
  • Delta Airlines only lets you change your name by up to three letters.
  • Travelers can keep their fare class, location, starting point, and flight date the same. The visitor also can't change their gender or date of birth.
  • The airline only lets each traveler make one change, and the Delta Name Change Policy says that the traveler can't make any other changes to their personal information.
  • If the traveler's request to change his name has already been taken care of, he needs more changes. Delta Airlines only lets customers make changes once, so in this case, the tickets need to be reissued.

Delta Passenger Name Correction

The Delta Airlines' staff is up-to-date and responsible for guiding you about the rules. They can also guide you on how to correct your name. You have to follow some rules and regulations. Here are some points you should have to remember:

  • Customers of Delta Airlines can change their name on the ticket for free, but they have to do it within 24 hours.
  • After 24 hours, you may have to pay extra for some things. You have to pay those fees as they are asked.
  • Delta costs $75 to $500 to change or correct a name after 24 hours. Depending on the time or direction of your flight, these fees may differ.
  • The policy on changes or corrections also relies on the time left until the flight and who is traveling.

Delta's policy on changing a passenger's name is listed above. This policy is the same for both domestic and foreign flights. It depends totally on the circumstances and the flight you choose.

How To Change The Name On The Delta Ticket?

Passengers can make changes to their Delta trip tickets in four ways: by text message, by phone, through a mobile app, or online. One of the best ways to change information is to use Delta Airlines' text assistant, making the process less stressful for everyone.

What is Delta's Name Correction Policy For Domestic And International Flights?

Delta will allow minor name modifications that meet the following criteria but not complete name changes. These minor revisions include first, middle, and last name changes. These adjustments are usually accepted for spelling errors or marriage.

Name correction requests are often for misspelled names. A misspelled name may be correctable, but not always. This applies to all airlines.

Thus, you must use the right name when entering your ticket information. Delta Airlines will apply the name change rule below if you enter the wrong name. Delta allowed ticket legal names to be changed under certain conditions:

Adding a Middle Name to a Ticket Purchased on Delta Airlines

Adding a middle name to your reservation for a Delta flight should present only a few issues for the airline. This is the least complicated of all the name changes they are willing to accept! Middle names can be included in a reservation by going to the "Manage Booking" area of the website, using the mobile app, the phone, or the exceptional texting assistant that Delta offers.

It is imperative that a passenger's name on a Delta ticket exactly matches the name that appears on their government-issued photo identification. Even while middle names aren't usually required, it's always a good idea to have your given name be as correct as is humanly possible.

Change of Last Name in Marriage or Divorce

If you've married and booked travel under your maiden name, you can alter your Delta ticket's last name to your spouse's. This legal name change requires a marriage certificate. The passenger's last name can only be altered completely during marriage or divorce.

You must have your divorce document to prove the name change if you divorce. These documents apply in the US but may vary elsewhere.

Delta Reservations: Fixing Some Spelling Errors

You can make any necessary modifications to your Delta reservation if you discover that you misspelled any portion of your name at a later time. The Delta name correction policy solves the problem of having an erroneous name on a ticket that prevents you from going past security.

Can You Change The Name On A Delta Flight?

Delta Airlines offers three name-change options:

  • Visit their website with valid ID proof (upload proof during the name change process).
  • Contact customer care to update your name.
  • Contact their email address with a verified ID to seek a name change.

Their "Delta Passenger Name Correction Policy" requires a fee to change your name.

How Can I Change My Name On Delta Airlines, And What is The Process?

Delta Ticket Online Name Change:

Method 1:

It would help if you did this—

  1. Visit and select 'My Trips.'
  2. Enter the passenger's last name and ticket number (6 or 13 digits). Enter the ticket number or booking reference to retrieve the booking. 
  3. Tab to name correction. Click the checkbox next to the incorrect name. The ticket name must match a passport or legitimate government-issued photo ID. Users can only correct three first- or last-name characters. 
  4. The name correction request is processed by clicking 'Confirm & Save.' 
  5. To complete the request, passengers must pay the charge and fare difference at checkout. Tickets will be reissued to the same or lower class. Your registered email will receive the name change confirmation after the transaction.


Delta Passenger Name Change by Call:

  1. Call customer support to modify the name. 
  2. Give your six-digit PNR or e-ticket number to retrieve your booking. 
  3. Ask the agent to correct the name; only misspelled charterers will be updated. 
  4. Send a government-issued photo ID or passport copy through email for validation. 
  5. Passengers must pay the Delta Airlines name change charge and fare difference to proceed with the request. The ticket would be reprinted in the same or lower class.

After the transaction, your registered email will receive a confirmation.

How Can I Talk To A Delta Official About Changing My Name?

You can call the customer care number at 1-888-649-0391 or 1 (800) 221-1212 or email them to their official email ID,


It is recommended to contact Delta Airlines for specific information regarding the fee. Passengers should double-check their names on their travel documents and tickets to avoid issues and ensure a smooth travel experience with Delta Airlines. Delta Airlines will try to solve your problem in any situation. Stay Safe!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Ans. Yes, as per Delta's name change policy, you can change your name by up to three characters on your first or last name. The delta name change fee and the applicable fare difference would be assessed.

Ans. Yes, you can correct the passenger name on your Delta Airlines reservation.

Ans. According to Delta's passenger Name Correction policy, you can change your name up to three characters on your first or last name.

Ans. You can visit Delta's official airline website, contact customer care, or visit the airport with valid Identity proof.

Ans. Contact Delta Airlines customer care at 1-888-649-0391 or 1 (800) 221-1212.

Ans. You can change your name on Delta Airlines by reaching the customer service number.

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