Fiji Airways Easter Sale 2024

Fiji Airways Easter Sale 2024

Celebrate this Easter with some incredible deals and discounts from Fiji Airways because they are coming up with the Fiji Airways Easter Sale. This means that you will be able to get all the excellent deals, discounts, and offers on your flight booking during their Sale.  If you are also interested in the Sale, then you must read the information below, which will give you a clear picture of it.

Try calling Fiji Airways customer care on their official number, which is available 24/7 for airline passengers. You can call this number anytime to seek assistance or basic knowledge about their deals and sales.

How Can I Grab The Fiji Airways Easter Day Sale?

Fiji Airways Easter Sale is coming soon, and because of this, the passengers are getting restless and want to grab their Sale first to make the maximum out of it. If you are also one of those, then you must try reaching Fiji Airways customer services through the following methods to grab the Fiji Airways Easter Sale:

Via Call:

Making a phone call to the Fiji Airways customer service phone number is the most convenient and direct method to get assistance. If you are in a pickle with your travel plans, then try following the steps below:

  • Ring Fiji Airways customer care number 1-800-227-4446 or 1-888-649-0391 (OTA).
  • Enter a command depending on the automated voice response.
  • Get your call transferred to a reliable agent of the airline.
  • Talk to the agent about the Fiji Airlines Easter Sale and receive all the suitable information.

Social Media:

Reach Fiji Airways through social media platforms because Fiji is available on almost all popular social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, instagram, youtube, etc. On their accounts, the airlines post about their latest sales and deals to keep their passengers updated. Here are the links to Fiji Airways' social media accounts:

Subscribe To Fiji Airways Bula Mail:

Get the latest holiday deals and flight offers delivered straight to your inbox by subscribing to Fiji Airways. You can find the option on the link here: Where you just have to enter your title, first name, last name, email ID, and other personal details, after which you will get exclusive access to the latest news about the airline.

Mobile App:

Fiji Airways is offering its services through its Mobile apps also. You can install the application from the App Store, and after signing in with your account, you will be able to get all the details regarding their sales and offers on your phone.

Fiji Airways Easter Sale 2024 Dates

Fiji Airways is all set to surprise its passengers with some great and profitable prices on their flight bookings. If you are also a Fiji Airways passenger, then you can also expect to get some fantastic deals on your purchases during the Fiji Airways Easter Sale, which is going to start on 16 March 2024 and last till the end of March. Within this limited period, the airline is going to provide several discounts to the customers to make their experience with them more soothing and enjoyable.

You can contact Fiji Airways customer service number, which is the best medium through which you will be able to get detailed knowledge about their Easter Sale and seal the best deals at the lowest prices possible.

How To Get Cheap Fiji Airways Flights At Easter?

Want to get a cheap Fiji Airways flight at Easter? Then try using the steps given below, which will assure you a flight at a reasonable price with Fiji Airways:

  • Make a reservation with Fiji Airways in advance to get the cheapest price on your flights. There are many discounts and deals available on early booking with Fiji Airways.
  • Keep your travel flexible with dates so that you will be able to book for the date which can provide you with the best prices on the flight. Flexibility with dates allows you to choose from various options available in the flight prices.
  • Look for the promo codes and discount coupons on the official website of Fiji Airways. Try applying these codes while making a flight reservation to get a discount on the total amount.
  • Keep an eye on the Social media accounts of the airlines to get notified by their posts related to their discounts, sales and deals. You can seek assistance from their customer care through social media also.
  • Subscribe to the Fiji Airways newsletter to be the first one to know all the offers and deals updates in your inboxes.
  • Book an economy class instead of business class, which will allow you to save some money on your flight booking without compromising much on comfort.

Type Of Discounts In Fiji Airways Easter Sale

The airline is providing some exclusive deals and discounts on the Fiji Airways Easter Sale, which will make the passenger's experience budget-friendly and comfortable. Here are a few types of discounts that you can expect to see in the Fiji Airways Easter Sale:

  • Promo code discounts: Promo codes will soon be available on the official website of Fiji Airways. Using this, you will be able to cut down some amount from the total expense of your travel.
  • Flash Deals: Mostly, Fiji Airlines provides a limited-time offer that will be available for some particular time only; within this period, you will be able to get some great prices on Fiji's flights.
  • Percentage off: There will be a few percent off on Fiji Airways flight prices during their Easter Sale.
  • Early booking: Book your flight in advance with Fiji Airways Easter Sale because there can be a number of deals provided to the customers who book their flight ahead of time.

What Are The Top Destinations On Sale in Fiji Airways' Easter Sale?

There are multiple destinations Fiji Airways flies to. There is no doubt that this Easter, you could save big on your flight bookings and other travel arrangements with Fiji, but there are a few top destinations of Fiji Airways Easter Sale choosing which you can seal the best deal available. These are the top destinations of Fiji Airways Easter Sale:

  • Singapore: The Christian community of Singapore celebrates Easter with church services, community events, and special meals. Although it is not a public holiday, some organizations arrange Easter-related activities, contributing to religious and cultural diversity in the country.
  • Hong Kong: Easter egg hunt and colorful decorations add a festive touch to the city. Some areas host lively parades with great performances, costumes, and music.
  • United States: Homes and public spaces are adorned with Easter decorations, including colorful eggs, flowers, and symbols of renewal. Easter is a time when families come together and have special meals like traditional dishes like ham or lamb.

How Do I Contact Fiji Airways For Easter Sale Discounts?

Are you a Fiji Airways passenger and want to contact customer service there? Then you are at the right place because we are going to share the best way by which you will seek all the important details regarding the Fiji Airways Easter Sale.

Try calling Fiji Airways on their customer service number 1-800-227-4446 or 1-888-649-0391 (OTA); this number will connect you with one of the talented agents who are skilled to deal with day-to-day issues with passengers. You can definitely rely on their advice because they are qualified enough to give you an appropriate solution to your problems.

The customer service number of Fiji Airways is 24/7 available for its customers. The airline is offering this around-the-clock service to its passengers to make it possible for them to seek assistance whenever needed.


Want to visit your favorite destination without putting much strain on your pocket? Then try buying with Fiji Airways during their Easter Sales. You will be able to book your flight and seat and add some additional services at lower prices than regular. You can read the information above, which will provide you with detailed information related to their Sale.

Feel free to make a phone call to Fiji Airways customer service. This dedicated helpline will give you detailed knowledge about the Fiji Airways Easter Sale directly from the expert. You can ask all the travel-related queries from these agents wh, ich they will answer you with the most suitable solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ans. Fiji Airways is based at Nadi International Airport and is the national airline of Fiji. Fiji Airways flies to 23 cities and 13 countries including Fiji, Australia, New Zealand, Samoa, Tonga, Tuvalu, Kiribati, Vanuatu, the Solomon Islands, the United States, Hong Kong, Singapore and Japan.

Ans. The jury is out on this one. According to a 2023 study by, on average, the best time to purchase plane tickets for a domestic trip is between 164 and 46 days before your departure. But according to Expedia's 2024 Air Travel Hacks report, the sweet spot is 28 days before your domestic flight.

Ans. The off-season months for travelling to Fiji Airways are typically November to March due to the weather conditions. During these months, flight fares tend to be cheaper as there is less demand for air travel during this period.

Ans. Fiji Airways is the national airline of Fiji and connects you to more Pacific Island countries than any other carrier.

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