How To Add Child Details To Emirates Skywards Account?

How To Add Child Details To Emirates Skywards Account?

Emirates airlines is the largest airline in the Middle East. The company is based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Over 3,600 flights a week are operated by the airline to more than 150 cities in 80 countries. A luxurious onboard experience and excellent customer service are hallmarks of Emirates. The Emirates Skywards account is a loyalty program offered by Emirates airline. It allows passengers to earn and redeem points, known as Skywards Miles, for various benefits and rewards. You can earn bonus miles, get cabin upgrades, access airport lounges, and receive discounts on hotel stays and car rentals.The account also offers tier levels, such as Blue, Silver, Gold, and Platinum, which provide additional perks to frequent flyers.

For more information related to Emirates Skywards account, you can call Emirates Customer Service. Call at 1-800-777-3999 or 1-888-649-0391 (No Wait Time) and you will receive the best assistance possible from their representative.

If you are looking for the procedure of adding child details to your Emirates Skywards account, then you should follow these steps:

  • Firstly, log in to your Emirates Skywards account on its official website.
  • Then navigate to the "Manage Account" or "Profile" section.
  • After that you have to find an option that is related to adding or managing family members or child accounts.
  • Enter the mandatory information such as the child's name, age, and other required details. 
  • Substantiate the information and save the modifications.

Is It Possible For The Kids To Join Emirates Skywards?

Yes, children can join the Emirates Skywards frequent flyer program. Emirates Skywards puts forward different tiers for members of different ages, including a program specially designed for children aged 2 to 16 which is called "Skywards Skysurfers." This authorizes young travellers to earn and redeem miles for flights and also offers other benefits within the Emirates network.

Can I Book For Someone Else On Emirates Skywards?

Indeed, you can utilize your Emirates Skywards miles to book trips for another person, for example, for relatives or your companions. Emirates Skywards allows you to reclaim your miles for award tickets for the benefit of others as long as they are additional Emirates Skywards members. You will require their Skywards membership data to finish the booking. Also, passengers should remember that terms and conditions might apply, so it is wise to check the Emirates Skywards official site or get in touch with the agents of the customer service team for specific details. 

How To Create An Emirates Skywards Account For A Child?

To create an Emirates Skywards account for a child, passengers need to follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • Visit the Emirates Skywards Website: Firstly, you have to go to the Emirates Skywards' official website.
  • Sign Up: Then, the "Join Emirates Skywards" or "Sign Up" option will appear. Click on it to start the registration process.
  • Choose Skywards Skysurfers: During the registration process, you'll be appealed to select the applicable program for the child. Choose "Skywards Skysurfers" as the program for children aged 2 to 16.
  • Fill in Details:  The personal information of the child, including his name, date of birth, and contact information should be provided to Emirates Skywards. You may also require to provide the parent or guardian's contact details. 
  • Parent/Guardian Consent: If your child is under 16, you will probably need to provide parental or guardian consent. This might involve submitting contact data for the parent or guardian.
  • Complete Registration: To complete the registration process you should observe the on-screen instructions. You might also require to agree to the terms and conditions of the program.
  • Receive Membership Number:  Once the registration is finished, you should accept a Skywards membership number for the child. This will conform as their unique identifier within the program.
  • Manage Account: You can handle the child's account through the Emirates Skywards website or mobile app. Link their account to your own if you are the parent or guardian who is handling their travel.

Can I Transfer My Emirates Miles To My Son?

You can correspond with the customer support team and they will navigate you as far as the transfer of miles is concerned. Moreover, if you would like to transfer miles via its official website then you can follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • At first, travellers have to visit the official website of Emirates on their preferred web browser. 
  • Then log in to their Emirates account to access the miles to begin the transfer.
  • Navigate to the My Account section on the homepage or you can directly call at 1-800-777-3999 or 1-888-649-0391 (No Wait Time).
  • After that, you have to select the Miles option and then check your Miles balance to proceed with a Miles transfer to your family or friends' account.
  • Visitors must also make sure that the recipient’s account has one Emirates flight or partner-earning activity. 
  • Next, travellers are required to select the miles that they would like to transfer. So, select the miles in the multiples of 1000, starting at 2000 and one can transfer up to 50,000 miles to another Emirates Skywards member in one calendar year.


By following these steps, you can easily add your child's details to your Emirates Skywards account. This will allow your child to enjoy the benefits and privileges associated with the Emirates Skywards program. Remember to keep the provided information up to date to ensure a seamless travel experience for your child.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ans. Certainly! Kids can have an Emirates Skywards account. Emirates offers a family program that allows children to join Skywards and earn miles for their flights. Parents or guardians can manage the account on their behalf, making it a great way for kids to start enjoying the benefits of the loyalty program.

Ans. To add a family member to your Skywards account, simply log in to your Emirates Skywards account online. Navigate to the "My Family" section and follow the easy steps to invite and link your family member's account. This allows you to pool and redeem Skywards Miles together for fantastic rewards.

Ans. To join Emirates Skywards, the minimum age limit is 17 years. This frequent flyer program offers a range of benefits and rewards for Emirates airline passengers, making it accessible to young adults and above.

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