JetBlue Name Correction Policy

JetBlue Name Correction Policy

Don't worry about correcting your name on your ticket. JetBlue Airlines name correction policy addresses all of your concerns. Any correction of name that does not fall under the JetBlue Airlines name correction policy is treated as a name change. JetBlue name correction policy prohibits name changes on the PNR after issuing a ticket. However, you can transfer your ticket to another passenger if you book another PNR. You must pay the increased fare and the flight change fee when rebooking. You may easily adjust the name by using the elements listed below.

The airlines allow passengers to modify the spellings of their first and last names; however, the changes must be within the character limits, and you must also present supporting documentation. Read below for more information about the JetBlue Airlines Name Correction Policy.

For more information related to JetBlue Airlines name correction policy, call 1-855-ADA-LINE (232-5463) or 1-888-649-0391. JetBlue Airlines' customer service team will give you the best assistance you need about JetBlue Airlines name correction policy.

Below are some of the JetBlue Airlines name correction policies you can use to change your name on the Flight ticket:

  • JetBlue airline name correction rules allow passengers to change their name only in one letter.
  • Furthermore, you can only change your name spelling once on the original PNR.
  • In the event that this isn't possible, they will need to purchase another ticket.
  • Passengers need to keep the same fare class as stated on the ticket while correcting the name. Please book our flight with the lowest available fare class if it is not possible.
  • For the ticket with a changed name, you must secure the same flight data.
  • If you cannot correct your name using the original ticket PNR, you will have to cancel your flight from the original booking.
  • By doing so, the seats will be transferred back into inventory, preventing visitors from using debit memos for duplicate seats.

JetBlue Airlines Name Correction Online

To correct your name on your JetBlue Airlines ticket, follow the steps below:

  • Choose the appropriate mode (website or app).
  • Go to the home page and choose the manage my booking page. Complete user authentication.
  • Enter code and last name.
  • Click Continue.
  • Choose trip.
  • Click "change" or "modify."
  • Update your name to match your passport or government ID.
  • Attach documents.
  • Tap "continue" to submit the change or correction form.
  • Pay any charges, if applicable.
  • The system checks ticket eligibility and makes corrections.

Change Your Name on JetBlue Flight Tickets via Mobile App

The app is an easy way to correct your name online. JetBlue's app has flight details, costs, itineraries, and other important info. Follow the steps below to do so.

Download the app first. As per the airline, find it on app stores or websites. Then, log in to continue using the method.

  • Log in to Jetblue using the app.
  • Select Jetblue Manage My Booking.
  • Provide reservation details to access your flight.
  • Choose adjustments for flights, names, or seats. Choose the best name option for your scenario.
  • Change Jetblue's name as instructed.
  • Confirm your modifications as you follow the instructions. Request a new boarding pass with your correct name when possible.

JetBlue Airlines Name Correction Offline

You can correct your name offline, too. Contact officials through customer service or visit sales offices or airport counters. Contact the team and work with the agent to change your name. Submit a passport ID or other government-issued documents.

JetBlue Airline Customer Support Number

Additionally, JetBlue Airlines travellers can amend their tickets with another option. This is the best option for those who feel lethargic and want someone else to handle their booking. The best way to communicate directly with officials is to call the customer service number. During the same phone call, they will ask for booking details and do the required things.

JetBlue Changes Ticket Name After Marriage

The adjustment can sometimes be accomplished with a special waiver code. Marriage is one example of this, in addition to divorce or adoption. A person has the option to change their marriage status if they so choose. The actions mentioned above must be followed to alter your name. Additionally, one can speak with JetBlue Airlines staff to make changes due to marriage.

In order to verify your legal name change after marriage or divorce, you must present your original identification proof.


JetBlue Airlines is always available to treat their passengers with the best services and hospitality. You can read about JetBlue Airlines name correction policy, associated fees, ways to do so, and many other things. We give you enough information to change your name easily. Stay safe!

Frequently Asked Questions

Ans. Yes, you can call JetBlue Airlines customer service at 1-855-ADA-LINE (232-5463) or 1-888-649-0391 to correct your name at JetBlue Airlines. They will provide you with the best assistance. They assist with other issues you face related to baggage issues, check-in problems, different policies, etc.

Ans. You can't do that. Passengers' boarding passes must match the names on their government-issued IDs presented at security checkpoints, according to TSA rules.

Ans. You must provide a copy of your passport or government-issued identification to change your name.

Ans. It depends on your issue whether you want to change your whole name or just a bit of it. It can take one week, two weeks or maybe some months. Be patient and calm.

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