Qatar Airways Easter Sale 2024

Qatar Airways Easter Sale 2024

Qatar Airways is excited to announce its Easter Sale soon. So, if you are planning to visit your favorite destination for a long time but aren't able to go for any because of high prices, then this is the time to book your flight with Qatar Airways Easter Sale, which will enable you to buy the airlines' services on lower prices with all the discounts and offers attached to it.

You can call the Qatar Airways Customer Service number, which is passengers' favorite option for seeking assistance. If you are also someone who finds booking difficult, then do not hesitate to dial this number to get all your travel issues sorted, and you can also ask the agent about Qatar Airways Easter Sale's information.

How Can I Grab The Qatar Airways Easter Day Sale?

Qatar Airways Easter Sale is about to be released, so the curiosity among the passengers about how to grab the Sale is evident. Passengers interested in knowing the methods by which they can reach Qatar Airways to grab their Easter Sale are mentioned below:

Via Phone:

There are multiple ways by which passengers can reach the customer service of Qatar Airways, but contacting the customer service department through the customer care number is considered the most efficient way by the passengers. Look at the steps to call Qatar Airways customer services:

  • Call Qatar Airways customer service at 1-877-777-2827 or 1-888-649-0391 (OTA).
  • Follow the IVR rules.
  • Press 3 for information related to Qatar Airways Easter Sale 2024.
  • You will get connected with a customer service agent who will tell you about the Ethiopian Airlines Easter Sale.
  • Be patient while they answer.

Subscribe to Qatar Airways:

Qatar Airways is offering you a chance to get to know all about their exclusive sales, discounts, and special offers first. All you have to do is subscribe to their newsroom, after which they will provide you with all the suitable information. The steps to subscribe to the Qatar Airways newsletter are:

  • Visit the official website of Qatar Airways at
  • Scroll the page and look for the 'subscribe' option in the 'Never miss an offer' section.
  • Mention your right email address and the preferred city of departure in the sections.
  • After clicking on 'subscribe,' work from your end is done, and now you are all set to receive their exclusive offers and deals.

Social Media:

Many Airlines are now on multiple social media platforms where they are giving assistance to their customers regarding general queries, and side-by-side, they frequently post about their sales, deals, and offers on their page. To inquire about Qatar Airways Easter Sale from their social media accounts, try using the links below:

Mobile App:

Qatar Airways provides its service to its passengers through a mobile app, which means all bookings, rebookings, cancellations, and other services are possible only on the application. Not only this, you can also get notified about their sales, deals, and offers on their mobile app. Go through the steps below:

  • Install the Qatar Airways mobile app from the App Store.
  • Sign in with your airline's account.
  • Now, whenever there will be any sale or offer, you will be the first one to get the notification through this app.

Qatar Airways Easter Sale 2024 Dates

Qatar Airways, as always, is very secretive about the release date of their Easter Sale. The airlines like to maintain the curiosity among the passengers regarding their sales and deals. However, the passengers can expect the Sale to be released in mid-March, extending the duration of the Sale to 10-12 days. The Sale will last till the end of March. This means you will get enough time to make decisions and think over your travel plans.

You can contact the Qatar Airways customer support team, who will help you get all the Sale-related information directly from the agent, and if you want, the agent will also help you find the best deal available on Sale. Qatar Airways Easter Sale will assure you an enjoyable trip to your favorite destination at affordable prices.

How To Get Cheap Qatar Airways Flights At Easter?

There are a few strategies in which the customers try to book cheap flights with the airlines. If you know all these strategies, then booking a cheaper flight will not be difficult. Here we are mentioning tricks that are commonly used by passengers to book a cheaper flight, and if you also use the same, you will surely get some relaxation on your flight prices:

  • Plan a trip with flexible travel dates, which will let you see the prices for different dates and flights. The result is that you will be able to book a flight at cheaper prices than usual.
  • Look for the promo codes on the official airline website, which will help you cut down some amount from your total travel expenses.
  • Compare the price of the flight from different platforms, which will help you understand the price difference on different channels and make you pay what is required.
  • Do not try to delay booking a flight because the airlines offer some good deals and big discounts to the passengers who book their flights early. 
  • Once you find the ideal deal on your flight, don't overthink and book it in time because the prices of the flights keep on fluctuating, which means the price you are getting now on your flight may not be available later.
  • Ring Qatar Airways' customer service number. This number will help you get in touch with the agent who will help you assist with all the good deals available on the flight and tell you about the discounts you are eligible for.
  • If you are a member of their loyalty program, then do not forget to take advantage of your membership because this will provide you additional discounts and benefits during the Easter Sale.

Type Of Discounts In Qatar Airways Easter Sale

There are multiple types of discounts available on Qatar Airways' Easter Sale. If you also want to know what discounts you can expect on your Qatar flights, you can look at the list below:

  • Business Class discount: Qatar Airways is offering a discount on business class tickets. Book your Easter holidays in business class, and you'll get perks like comfortable seating, priority check-in, and personalized service. Reserve a business class ticket during the Easter Sale and save big on your tickets.
  • Discounts on Round-trip: Booking a round-trip ticket on your flight can help you save some of your hard-earned money because Qatar Airways offers the biggest discounts to passengers who are booking round-trip tickets. 
  • Group travel discounts: Booking a group trip with Qatar Airways Easter Sale is also a money-saving option for you because the airline is offering you some exclusive discounts on group travel, which will make your overall experience more joyful.
  • Early booking discounts: Qatar Airways has always been encouraging its passengers to book their flights ahead of time. During the Qatar Airways Easter Sale, the airline is trying to give you some good price deductions on an early booking.
  • Flash Deals: The favorite type of discount of Qatar Airways is Limited-time offers, with which they give their services to their passengers at very low prices, attracting the passengers to book them instantly because, after some period of time, this deal will disappear.

What Are The Top Destinations On Sale in Qatar Airways' Easter Sale?

Want to enjoy the affordable prices on your trip with Qatar Airways but don't know where to go? Then, here we are presenting the list of the top destinations in the Qatar Airways Easter Sale, selecting which you will be able to spend your holiday in a beautiful destination that is also affordable prices: 

  • Thailand: Easter is not a public holiday in Thailand, but being a tourist's favorite destination, you can find Easter-themed decorations in certain areas. Some hotels, restaurants, and expatriate communities may organize Easter-related events.
  • South Africa: Easter is a significant Christian holiday celebrated with religious services, family gatherings, and festival meals. Attend the church's special services on Good Friday and Easter Sunday.
  • Kenya: Easter is a significant religious holiday celebrated by the Christian community. Families come together to celebrate this holiday with festive meals, easter egg hunts for children, and many more.
  • Vietnam: Easter is not widely celebrated in Vietnam as the majority of the population is following Buddhism. However, some Christian communities and churches observe Easter with religious services, including midnight March on Holy Saturday.

How Do I Contact Qatar Airways for Easter Sale Discounts?

People often get confused when they get stuck while planning a trip with their favorite airlines. Qatar Airways understands passengers' problems, which is why they have provided a special helpline number, 1-877-777-2827 or 1-888-649-0391 (OTA), to all its passengers. Whenever in any trouble, the passengers can directly call the given number and get in touch with the agent who will assist them with all their queries about the Qatar Airways Easter Sale and other travel-related issues.

Agents on this number will help you get all the best deals on your flight with Qatar Airways. They are experts in dealing with passenger issues and provide them with suitable solutions. You can definitely rely on the agent's advice because they are qualified enough and well-trained to assist the passengers.


Qatar Airways helps passengers book their flights at lower prices. Qatar Airways Easter Sale is coming soon to rescue you from the high expenses spent on airfares. You will be able to get better prices with big discounts and special deals attached to your travel expenses.

Contact the Qatar Airways customer support team through the various channels mentioned above. You can get in contact with Qatar Airways, who will assist you with travel-related issues.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ans. Our data shows that the cheapest month to fly with Qatar Airways is usually March.

Ans. We crunched the flight calendar and found that on average, Qatar Airways prices to the most popular destinations are cheapest in August.

Ans. The Travel Promo Code must be entered in the booking widget at the time of flight search. If the Travel Promo Code is entered correctly at the time of flight search, the special discounted fare will show marked with a red asterisk '*' in the flight selection page.

Ans. We crunched the flight calendar and found that on average, Qatar Airways prices to the most popular destinations are cheapest in August.

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