Avianca Missed Flight Policy

Avianca Missed Flight Policy

One of Latin America's oldest and largest airlines is Avianca Airlines (formerly Aerovías del Continente Americano). Avianca has provided reliable and comfortable air travel since 1919. Stay calm and take action to minimize the stress and frustration of missing a flight. For this, call Avianca Airlines customer service. You will be guided by an agent. Calling customer service after missing a flight is best. Avianca Airlines provides excellent customer service to reduce passenger stress. You must know Avianca Missed Flight Policy. This policy aids flight rebooking.

For more information regarding Avianca Missed Flight Policy, call Avianca Airlines at 1-888-649-0391 or 1-800-284-2622. You can get free assistance from Avianca Airlines. 

What Can I Do if I Missed My Avianca Flight?

If you missed your Avianca flight, try these steps:

  • Inform Avianca: Report this to Avianca immediately.
  • Check Rebooking Options: Avianca may allow you to rebook on the next flight without charge.
  • Find Alternative Flights: If Avianca cannot help immediately, find other airlines.
  • Consider travel insurance: See if your travel insurance covers missed flights.

What Happens if I Don't Cancel My Flight on Avianca?

If you cannot make your Avianca Airlines flight, cancel it to avoid losing your ticket value. If you miss your flight without telling Avianca, you won't get a refund, credit, or reschedule. If you don't check-in or request changes before departure, Avianca will consider your ticket a no-show. Avianca's customer service can help you find exemptions or accommodations.

What Happens If I Miss My Avianca Flight?

Avianca's Missed Flight Policy lets you use your ticket value for future travel if you miss your flight. The tariff restrictions of your ticket may result in a penalty cost. The penalty could be a flat fee or a percentage of the ticket price. Avianca adds that you must contact customer service within 24 hours of missing your flight to reuse your ticket value. Missing flight policy only applies to Avianca tickets booked directly from the airline.

Do You Have to Pay to Reschedule the Avianca Flight?

Avianca does not charge for flight rescheduling. Some requirements must be met. If their ticket allows changes and the new trip is the same class and route, passengers can change their tickets for free. Travelers must pay the difference if the original and subsequent flights have different fares.


For the best service and hospitality, Avianca Airlines is best. Avianca's extensive route network, comfortable aircraft, and excellent customer service ensure a stress-free flight. Your Avianca missed flight policy can also restart your flight. Read this article to understand Avianca's missed flight policy.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Ans. Avianca's policy for passengers who miss their flights includes options for rebooking, subject to availability, and potential fees depending on the fare type.

Ans. Avianca assists passengers with missed connections and layovers by rebooking them on the next available flight and providing necessary support.

Ans. When requesting assistance for a missed Avianca flight, you may be required to provide your ticket or booking information, identification, and a valid reason for the missed flight.

Ans. Avianca's policy for missed international flights may differ from domestic flights, potentially involving stricter rebooking options and documentation requirements, so it's essential to review the specific guidelines for each type of flight.

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