Kuwait Airways Flight Cancellation Policy

Kuwait Airways Flight Cancellation Policy

The national airline of Kuwait, one of the oldest in the Middle East, Kuwait Airlines, has been flying for decades. 1953 was the year when it became among the top airlines in the area. Passenger travel between these territories—the Middle East, Indian subcontinent, Europe, Southeast Asia, and North America—is made possible by Kuwait Airways through its scheduled flights. Business, economy, and first-class are some of the services provided by the airline. Change and cancellation flexibility define how Kuwait Airways runs its operations. Flight change policy allows Kuwait Airways passengers maximum flexibility. Kuwait Airlines Flight change policy is key for passengers of Kuwait Airways when last-minute adjustments occur.

For more information about Kuwait Airways flight change policy, call 011 965 2434 5555 or 1-888-649-0391. Kuwait Airways is famous for providing its passengers with the best service and assistance. Kuwait Airways customer service will assist you with patience and solve all your problems.

Below are some of the Kuwait Airways Flight Change Policy you can read for your next trip:

  • Flight change policy protection extends to both refundable and non-refundable tickets with Kuwait Airways.
  • Kuwait Airways charges a fee for changes, as well as any difference in fares if applicable.
  • With Kuwait Airways, a full refund is possible in the case of an involuntary cancellation.
  • The flight change policy applies to all flights booked directly through Kuwait Airways, regardless of how you do so.
  • Online, via the 'Manage booking' tab, you can change your meal preferences with Kuwait Airways.
  • Travel circumstances allow you to modify your Kuwait Airways ticket booking if needed.
  • Only unused portions of tickets are subject to the Kuwait Airways Flight Change Policy.

Kuwait Airways Booking Cancellation Within 24 Hours

For the following conditions, you may cancel your Kuwait Airways flight for free.

  • If the purchase date is at least seven days before the departure date, passengers may only request free cancellation if they are booked within 24 hours of purchase.
  •  In the case of all flight rules, fare types, sectors of services, passengers, and origin of departure destinations, Kuwait Airways reservation cancellation shall be possible in less than 24 hours.
  •  If the above conditions are met, no cancellation booking fee shall be charged to Kuwait Airways. 
  • Passengers shall be able to make any changes with no extra charge within the period laid down by Kuwait Airways' flight change policy.
  • If appropriate, the difference between fares would be taken into account. 
  • In the case of reward mile tickets and travel credit cards, Kuwait Airways cancellation within 24 hours shall not apply.

Charges for Changing a Kuwait Airways Ticket Date

A change fee of 200 US dollars shall be paid by passengers on all domestic and international flights operated by Kuwait Airways after 24 hours. Also,

  • The flight change fee charged by Kuwait Airways, in combination with the fare rules applicable to the airlines involved in the reservation, would be assessed for codeshare flights jointly operated by Kuwait Airways.
  • The passengers will still be required to pay a change fee on the Kuwait Airways ticket along with the fare difference, where applicable when upgrading their class of service. 
  • If passengers require a change in their travel dates, times, destinations or class of service, they will be charged by Kuwait Airways an adjustment fee.

Kuwait Airways Online Booking Date Change

We know that life happens, and that's why we need to change our travel plans. Follow the simple steps to request an online ticket in order to help you understand Kuwait Airways' Change Flight procedure:

  • Please visit Kuwait Airways' booking portal for tickets.
  • Click on the 'Manage Booking' tab to proceed to Kuwait Airways to change the flight date. You can also change your flight schedule, time of origin or departure and seat preference by clicking the Manage booking icon in the menu.
  • It would help if you supplied a Kuwait Airways booking reference with your last name.
  • A six-digit character code consisting of numbers and characters is used as a booking reference.
  • In addition, click on the 'Retrieve Your Booking' button to see your booking and enter a 13-digit Kuwait Airways ticket number.
  • Click on the Change Flight button to continue, and select new travel dates or destinations that you wish to change.
  • You'll get a new flight option by clicking on "Continue."
  • Click the Continue button when you select a flight to suit your needs. 
  • Check your flight schedule and, if necessary, make a payment of the requested Kuwait Airway switch date fee and fare difference. 
  • To receive the terms and conditions of Kuwait Airways changes in flight policies, click the "Yes" button.
  • You can complete this transaction by clicking on the "Finish" button. You will receive confirmation of the change in your ticket to Kuwait Airway via an email address given at the time of booking once this transaction is successful.

Customer Service for Kuwait Airlines Flight Change

Please get in touch with our Customer Service Team by dialling 011 965 2434 5555 or 1-888-649-0391 if you aren't comfortable changing your Kuwait Airway booking online. Here's what our customer service specialist will help you with –

  • Giving you deep insights into the Kuwait Airways change flight process gives you enough information to make wise travel decisions.
  • We will provide you with various travel options based on your request. By changing Kuwait Airways' booking procedure, he can help you save money. 
  • Our Customer Resolution Team can handle changes in travel dates, flight timing, cabin upgrades, meal requests, seat selection, and more.
  • Feel free to contact a Resolution Specialist within 24 hours of booking if you made an error. No penalties or additional fees will be charged for fixing it.

Flight Change Documentation Requirements

To change your flight with Kuwait Airways, you need to meet some requirements such as your ID Card, your passport, your VISA if you are flying internationally, the reason why you want to do so, etc.


Kuwait Airways always knows the importance of changing flights due to emergencies, family problems, etc. You can call Kuwait Airways customer care, and they will lead you to solve your query about Kuwait Airways flight change policy. Keep travelling with Kuwait Airways.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ans. Kuwait Airways provides their customer service phone number to their passengers to solve the queries they face. They are available 24/7 to assist their passengers. Call 011 965 2434 5555 or 1-888-649-0391 to enable Kuwait Airways flight change customer service. You can talk to them about any query, such as baggage policy, check-in issues, other policies, etc.

Ans. Flight or date change is possible through the office or call centre at 011 965 2434 5555 or 1-888-649-0391, subject to voluntary Economy Class Chargeable seat change. Voluntary seat changes for the same flight /date to: With a higher seat fee, a distinction must be made.

Ans. Yes, you can request a refund or credit for my flight when you call Kuwait Airways to change it. Kuwait Airways always gives their passengers credibility to change their schedule or flight.

Ans. Call 011 965 2434 5555 or 1-888-649-0391 to access the Kuwait Airways flight change customer service. Kuwait Airways customer service gives deep insights into the Kuwait Airways flight change process and gives you enough information to make wise travel decisions. They will provide you with various travel options based on your request. They handle changes in travel dates, flight timing, cabin upgrades, meal requests, seat selection, and more.

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