Spirit Airlines 24-Hour Cancellation Policy

Spirit Airlines 24-Hour Cancellation Policy

There are a number of customers who have benefited from the Spirit Airlines 24-hour free cancellation. If you also want to cancel your flight with Spirit Airlines with no additional charges, contact 1-855-SAVE-555 (1-855-728-3555) or 1-888-649-0391 (OTA), Spirit Airlines customer service number, which will help you get the full information about it.

Spirit Airlines has a customer-friendly policy that allows you to cancel your ticket within 24 hours (at least seven or more days before departure is scheduled) of booking without any cancellation charges. This applies to all ticket categories. This policy aims to provide flexibility and a fair solution for changes made shortly after booking your flight.

Does Spirit Refund For Cancellation?

You can get a refund on cancellation If:

  • Cancelling 24-hour booking period.
  • Cancelling due to some serious issues like medical emergencies, death in family, accident, etc.
  • The Airline cancels the flight.

But what if your situation doesn’t match with any of the categories mentioned above? In that case you can read the guidelines given below:

  • If you are cancelling a flight 60 days or more before the departure, then you are liable to get a refund without any charges.
  • The refund can be in cash or credit, depending on your situation and the mode of booking.
  • Your ticket booked from the official website of the airline will make you liable for the refund but in a credit form for your future use. But, it is important to note that this credit voucher comes with an expiration date.
  • Booking done by a travel agency or a third party can help you get your refund in cash.

How Much Does Spirit Charge For Cancellation?

Spirit cancellation charges can differ depending on the type of ticket, the time left for the scheduled departure, etc. It is very important to know about the cancellation fees in detail before cancelling your ticket because sometimes it can cost you more than your booked tickets. Here are the fees charged by airlines in different situations of cancellation:

  • No fees if you cancel the flight within 24 hours of booking and there are still seven or more days left to the scheduled departure.
  • No fees for cancelling the flight because of legitimate reasons like death in the family, Accident, medical issue, passport theft, etc.
  • No fees if departure is 60 or more days away.
  • $69 fee: 31-59 days left until the flight’s departure.
  • $99 fee: 7-30 days left until the flight’s departure.
  • $199 fee: Less than a week left until the flight’s departure.

Can I Cancel My Reservation on Spirit?

Of course, you can cancel your reservation with Spirit Airlines. But suppose you want to cancel your flight without paying any additional charges. In that case, it is advised to go through the Spirit Cancellation policy thoroughly, with which you can understand what time is best to cancel your booking and what the potential charges on your cancellation could be. 

You can cancel your reservation on Spirit by following these steps:

Via Phone:

  • Call Spirit Airlines customer service number at 1-855-SAVE-555 (1-855-728-3555) or 1-888-649-0391 (OTA).
  • Listen to the IVR prompts carefully.
  • Select the suitable option to cancel your ticket.
  • Mention your situation and reasons for the cancellation.
  • Make a payment if asked.
  • Get an email as a confirmation of your flight cancellation.

Via Website:

  • Visit the Spirit Airlines’ official website.
  • Look for the ‘My Trips’ and go to ‘manage flights’.
  • Enter your booking details and select the flight you want to cancel.
  • Once you are done adding your information and cancelling, click enter.
  • After doing all these steps, the refund amount will be calculated and will reach your account in 20 days. But it is not in cash; your refund will be in credit which can be used in future use, and it also has an expiration limit.

Travel Agencies:

If you have booked your flight through any Travel agency, then you have to contact your agency, explain your situation and ask them to cancel your tickets. They will deal with your flight cancellation on your behalf.


Flight cancellation can be overwhelming sometimes. If you want to cancel your flight with Spirit Airlines, you can check all the details mentioned above, which will give you a clear view of your situation, and you can understand how much you have to pay and what time is ideally right to cancel your reservation. It is advised to read all such guidelines prior to making a flight reservation with any airline, which will always save you from paying any additional charges.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ans. Changes can be made up to an hour before scheduled departure. Change and cancellation charges are applied per Guest. If a Guest cancels a reservation within 24 hours or less from booking, for a flight that is seven or more days away, they are eligible for a full refund in the original form of payment.

Ans. Here is a summary of the main points of Spirit Airlines' cancellation and refund policy: If you cancel your flight within 24 hours of booking, you are eligible for a full refund. If you cancel your flight more than 24 hours after booking, you may be eligible for a credit towards future travel with Spirit Airlines.

Ans. Look for a chat icon or link labeled "Live Chat" or "Chat with Us" on the Spirit Airlines website. Click on the chat option and type your question. You may be connected 1-855-SAVE-555 (1-855-728-3555) or 1-888-649-0391 (OTA) to a live representative who can assist you in real-time.

Ans. Find out how to cancel your Spirit Airlines flight and receive a full refund through Alternative Airlines! With Spirit Airlines, you are entitled to a full refund if you cancel your flight within 24 hours of when you first made your booking and at least 7 days before the scheduled departure date.

Ans. No matter what ticket you've purchased, you have 24 hours to cancel from the time you booked for no charge, provided that the flight departure is more than 7 days away. Otherwise, the fee is $39 to $79 for cancellations of standard, award, and Flight Flex tickets within 60 days of departure.

Ans. To speak to a live Spirit Airlines Agent, first visit the official website, i.e., www.Spirit Airlines .com, or dial Spirit Airlines customer service number 1-855-SAVE-555 (1-855-728-3555) or 1-888-649-0391 (OTA). Head to the “Help & Support” or “Contact Us” page. Click on the “Help” bubble icon located at the bottom right corner.

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