Icelandair Cancellation Policy

Icelandair Cancellation Policy

The Icelandair cancellation policy was implemented because of a rise in last-minute cancellations. This policy is helpful for last-minute cancellations with clarity. Due to this, flyers can also obtain other benefits. Reversing a flight before departure and cancellation compensation are also feasible. Overall, Icelandair's use of this feature can be useful for different reasons.

For more information related to Icelandair's Cancellation Policy, call 1-888-649-0391 or 1 (800) 223-5500. You will get the best assistance possible from their best representative. 

About Icelandair Airlines

Icelandair is a leading airline that flies from, through, and within Iceland. Their flights to major cities across the Atlantic are safe, reliable, and excellent. Icelandair is a leading Transatlantic airline serving Icelandic and Greenlandic routes.

The airline uses Iceland's location midway between North America and Europe to develop an ever-growing international route network using Iceland as a hub. Icelandair Group includes Icelandair.

Icelandair Cancellation Policy

  • For Icelandair reservations made on their official website, no service fees are levied to passengers. 
  • Icelandair's cancellation policy waives cancellation fees for refundable tickets cancelled within 24 hours.
  • The airline will forfeit the ticket fee once the flight departs, and passengers will not receive a refund.
  • Icelandair has a slightly different cancellation policy for non-refundable tickets. The airline will deduct the full cancellation fee if the key is not cancelled within 24 hours.
  • Passengers incur no cancellation fee if the airline cancels their ticket.
  • According to Icelandair's cancellation policy, travellers holding award tickets cannot cancel their journey. They get no reimbursement if they cancel. 
  • The passenger can cancel their booking up to 24 hours before departure.
  • Cancelling a ticket takes 20 business days for the reimbursement to appear in the passenger's bank account.
  • Travel vouchers issued by airlines must be used within one year after issue. The travel coupon equals the ticket price.

Icelandair Ticket Cancellation Policy for Flight delayed

  • The Icelandair ticket cancellation policy differs slightly from the regular policy. Flights delayed over 4 hours are free to cancel.
  • If the airline fails to finish the ride on time, customers will receive the following benefits:-
  • Icelandair's Ticket Cancellation Policy provides free refunds, accommodations, transportation, meals, and calls. 
  • To receive perks, travellers must contact the airline customer support team within 14 days after departure.
  • The compensation value is determined by considering route distance, ticket class, and more parameters.
  • Both refundable and non-refundable ticket holders are eligible for full refunds. The Icelandair ticket cancellation policy does not apply to flights delayed over 5 hours. Free services will compensate all travellers. 
  • If a flight is delayed or cancelled due to weather conditions, compensation will not be provided. The airline will tell passengers beforehand. Passengers can track flight status on Icelandair's website.
  • Passengers have multiple cancellation alternatives to initiate the procedure. The suggested approach is online cancellation—no service fees for internet portals.

Icelandair 24 Hour Cancellation Policy

Icelandair's 24-hour cancellation policy allows passengers to receive full refunds for tickets cancelled on the same day of booking. Icelandair passengers must book tickets on their website to receive full refunds. The rule applies to all passengers, including Canadians. The Icelandair 24-Hour Cancellation Canada Policy offers a similar benefit.

For non-refundable tickets, passengers can cancel within 24 hours after reservation without incurring a cancellation fee. After 24 hours, travellers must pay a destination-specific cancellation fee to cancel. The non-refundable ticket holder will get a tax refund. A protection plan passenger can get a refund if they cancel after 24 hours. Icelandair Cancellation Protection saves passengers 30% more than ordinary cancellation plans. This protection plan isn't for non-refundable tickets.

Icelandair Ticket Cancellation Fees

Ticket cancellation fees vary on days, times, passenger routes, etc. Icelandair charges cancellation fees after the risk-free period. Economy Lite passengers must pay 70% of the ticket fee for cancellation. The passenger who paid 27 USD for the protection plan does not incur cancellation fees. Within one to three weeks, the airline will repay them.

The passenger must plan to receive a complete refund after the risk-free time. Non-refundable ticket holders must pay Icelandair cancellation fees to get a refund after 24 hours.

Icelandair Ticket Cancellation Process

Online Icelandair Flight Cancellation 

  • Visit, select login, and enter your password and email address to begin.
  • Select the flight, name, and number from the booking area, then click the booking tab to continue.
  • Use the cancel and continue buttons to follow on-screen directions quickly.
  • If you qualify for a refund, select flight return and input your bank information.
  • The cancellation policy provides for refunds, which usually reach your bank within 24 hours.
  • If you do not get a refund, you must use customer representative service, which provides accurate information quickly.

Icelandair Flight Cancellation By Phone 

Call 1-888-649-0391 or 1 (800) 223-5500 toll-free for airline ticket policies. Contact us with questions about online air ticket cancellation, airline ticket prices, or refunds. Inform our airline staff of your Icelandair ticket cancellation. Examine your plane ticket payment alternatives.

Icelandair Flight Cancellation at Airport

  • Go to the airport where you're flying. After that, visit the Icelandair Airport Ticket Office.
  • Icelandair representatives can help you cancel your flight in person. 
  • Money will get refunded on the same debit or credit card used for the purchase.

Refund Policy of Icelandair

Booking cancellations are sometimes permissible. Reversal has increased, forcing the operator to implement a return policy. Thus, determining return eligibility is crucial. This regulation allows passengers to get refunds for authorized ticket purchases.

This airline has included its refund policy below for your convenience:

  • The Icelandair cancellation refund policy may apply to flights booked through an agent. Contact them for a refund. 
  • A full refund is available if a booking is booked two days or more before departure and cancelled within 24 hours. 
  • Flights cancelled within one day will be fully refunded, minus reversal fees.
  • If you book a plane ticket using a credit card or statement of credit, you can get your money returned within seven working days. 
  • Airline refunds for cash purchases may take up to 20 working days in your original payment method. 
  • Under Icelandair's cancellation policy, if a return request is made after the ticket expires, the airline may refuse it.


Icelandair's website has terms and conditions you should read before booking. Before cancelling, see Icelandair's cancellation policy. For further information about the airline, please contact customer service using the above information. They will do their best to help.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Ans. Icelandair offers an online cancellation process. Start that process on the carrier's main website. In the "My Journey" page, input your flight information. Choose a reservation to reverse. Click "Cancel" on the webpage. Finally, the airline may confirm your Icelandair flight cancellation.

Ans. If you cancel your reservation within 24 hours and make it more than two days before the flight, you will get a full refund.

Ans. Yes, you can cancel within 24 hours.

Ans. Within 24 hours of purchasing, you can cancel the flight without a cancellation fee.

Ans. If a customer cannot fly, flight cancellation protection reimburses Icelandair for the portion of the ticket that cannot be returned elsewhere. If the passenger doesn't travel, Icelandair reimburses the ticket.

Ans. No cancellation fee applies if travellers do not finish their trip. If the infant is under two years old, the Icelandair Cancellation Protection package is not needed. Passengers can cover the complete travel reasonably by paying only 27 USD to protect their refund value. Icelandair Cancellation Protection offers a full refund without hidden clauses for passengers.

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